Gear Academy facilitates free, expert-led Web3 education, empowering the developer community to thrive. Explore in-depth blockchain content crafted by industry professionals and build the future of the internet

  • Breaking down barriers with online instruction, making Web3 education accessible to all

  • Tailor your journey with diverse learning options, catering to individual needs

  • Seamlessly integrate high-quality live sessions into your virtual

  • Receive valuable feedback on your skills and identify areas for growth

About Academy

Build dApps that defy boundaries

  • Gear Academy, the official learning hub for building on the Vara Network, unlocks your potential as a multi-chain developer. It's not just about learning Web3; it's about building the future of dApps. As you learn, you will be able to claim rewards in VARA, allowing you to start your building journey on the mainnet later on. Additionally, you will receive an NFT and a certificate upon completing any specific course.

  • 13 lessons

    Text material

  • 14 challenges


  • Awards up to $50

    ... and other unique opportunities

What you will learn

  • Master Vara network development fundamentals.

  • Learn testing on the Vara network.

  • Navigate Gear-JS library for client-side interaction.

  • Develop real-world applications with contracts and frontend.

  • Deploy and interact with programs on Vara network.

Basic Course

This course is designed to teach you the basics of program development on Vara network. It is recommended to start with this course if you are new to development on Vara network.

Receive Vara Tokens as You Learn!

Unlock rewards as you progress through our course. Complete each lesson and quiz to receive $2.5 in Vara tokens credited to your account. Complete and submit your homework for instructor review to receive an $18 reward. Track your token balance in your wallet as you advance through the course. Start learning and earning today!