Course curriculum

    1. Create an Account

    2. Quiz Create an Account

    3. Awards for our students!

    4. Actor Model

    5. Quiz Actor Model

    6. Message Queue

    7. Quiz Message Queue

    8. Program State

    9. Quiz Program State

    1. Program Structure

    2. Ouiz Program Structure

    3. Message Handling

    4. Quiz Message Handling

    5. Building

    6. Quiz Building

    1. Access Program State

    2. Quiz Access Program State

    3. Metadata

    4. Quiz Metadata

    1. Upload Program

    2. Quiz Upload Program

    3. Interaction with the Program

    4. Quiz Interaction with the Program

    1. Foreword

    2. Quiz Foreword

    3. Using gtest

    4. Quiz Using “gtest”

    1. Rules

    2. Assignment

    3. Do your homework with us!

    4. Exam

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Luiza Medova

Ecosystem team lead

Proficient in C++, Python, Solidity, Rust, VHDL/Verilog. My fascination with blockchain began in 2020, leading me to specialize in smart contract development. I delved into various blockchains, joining Gear as an ecosystem developer. There, I spearheaded the implementation of token protocols (fungible/non-fungible tokens), interacted with DeFi protocols and crafted smart contracts for DAOs, marketplaces, staking, auctions and developed a fully on-chain monopoly game.

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