Basic course

Our academy will begin with an introduction to key components of Gear, such as the Actor Model, Persistent Memory, and Message Queue. In the next lessons, you will explore Gear programs and their structure, and how does Gear program handles messages. Further into the course, you will explore more exciting features of Gear Smart Contracts and learn how to upload your program into Gear Idea portal, test it and interact with it. The course will be interesting, informative and interactive, also you will be able to learn and earn up to 50$ upon the course completion. 

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What will you learn?

  • What is a Smart Contract in Gear 
  • How to test smart contract
  • How Smart contracts interact with the client side
  • Powerful features of Gear protocol: delayed messages, system signals, system and gas reservation

Created by

Luiza Medova
Ecosystem team lead

Experienced in several languages: C++, Python, Solidity, Rust, VHDL / Verilog. Since about 2020 I have been very interested in blockchain technology and the development of smart contacts. Deeply studied development of smart contracts on several blockchains and in then started working at Gear as ecosystem developer. I implemented main token protocols on Gear (fungible/non-fungible token), interacted with numerous DeFi protocols. I wrote DAO, martketplace, staking, auction smart contracts and implemented completely on chain monopoly game